'#SEMANTICS- NO! Nothing to do with seminal fluid- though words are seminal to our deeper understanding of each other. Just squirting them or blurting them out negates their innate power to affect people and effect change SO is counter-productive. We need to be fluid in our use of language which is always in a state of flux BUT, and it may be patronising to say, communicating what we really think without compromise is key.

There are occasions when, I have researched this, a distinct 'NO' is a contextual indicator of a 'YES'. Those playing this game must beware that the rules can be changed at anytime [most particularly by women, the greatest manipulators of language since language began.]- without you knowing it. Mmm. WTF!
In my opinion English English, correctly written/spoken as per the many tomes on useage,  is the absolute zenith of communication skills, closely followed by the wonders of the German tongue. Both languages share a commonality and are renowned for their intellectual strength. The core of both is very resistant to change yet they embrace the evolution of language.
Nothing could be more proper.
The Germans boast a philosopher, an historical figure, called Kant. The correct pronunciation of his name is IDENTICAL to how we say cunt.
Nothing whatsoever wrong with that. LOL.
I find it both amazing and a maze or can of worms capable of confusing us and propagandizing us. With regard to political correctness of speech etc., PC fascism, there is no better example of how words can be so absurdly misused. [Although at all times the perpetrators of such literary felonies argue that their use is proper. LOL.]
Racism and Faithism [I am being very catholic in my use of this word- encompassing all possible belief systems BECAUSE people who hold a faith or a belief will routinely slip into rank bigotry with their selective word pool and cannot reasonably be reasoned with.] are the world bullies of proper communication.
A person of colour is at liberty, it is said, to refer to their homies in their peer-group using what anyone else would call derogatory racist terms. A classic case of wanting their Black Forest Gateaux and eating it too. Shame on them. It is the sheer ghettoisation of words and this is utterly absurd.
'Black shoe polish' has been embroiled in issues for sometime now.
There was a time when you could not compliment more highly than calling her a cunt. Yes, words are subject to fashion cycles too- fashion being somewhat whimsical and cosmetic. Not so long ago there was a short lived fashion for young white males in London wearing black nail polish. Seeing that I often wondered if young black males did the same or did they favour white nail enamel?
'Goodbye' is an evolution of the phrase 'God be with you' and in fact it still means just that, much to the enormous irritation of people who do not believe in the concept or construct of God. They have a point.
What do atheists call out on the point of orgasm- is it 'Oh Higgs Boson'?
When they leave their friends are they inclined to say Higgybo?
'Cheerio' exists but the Americans grabbed that for a much loved cereal. Mmm I quite like the idea of waving at departing guests and spouting 'Shreddies'.
By now you should have grasped my dilemma as a wordsmith. Here we go.
No! I will not surrender any more perfectly good words to the PC brigade. The self-righteous black lesbian feminist bitches OR the pasty faced nordic ego-driven fat ginger bastards of football loving men who saved their North Sea wealth while we squandered ours on frigging poor people, illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and champagne for the cellars of The Mansion House  because we are so stupid to the point of mentally disabled that we let privileged numpy fuckwits flaunt their vanity in government. Phew!
BUT how evolved are we if we let the use of language frighten us so?
Could the word 'GAY' be the most inappropriate label for a sexual-preference minority EVER? I believe so. It's new opposite is 'straight'. What!!! Bent and crooked come to mind.
And gays chose the frigging term- how very musical theatre, windows in Harvey Nicks and Soho of them.
'Real' homosexual men [yes I know all homosexual are real- in their way] are far from being gay- they are constantly under sufferance of abject cunts like that Russian Pole-Vaulting Woman and prone to depression becase they are so fucking creative. LOLL. Though not so creative that they could find a better label for themselves than the risible #GAY.
Do you think for one second that Obama's speech writing team is not involved in the deliberate manipulation of the President's oratory? It is called spinning lies and, I am led to believe, spitting deliberate untruths is perfectly acceptable even when muttering the de-rigeur nod to a higher universal authority.
These wiggly-woo folks are no better than the propagandists who endlessly work for leverage for the Israelis, The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Egg Miliband our Labour leader who got a pelting at the hands of the street market electorate, or those we generalise as terrorists.
I dislike the UK national anthem- it is hideously royalist and excludes any empathy to any rival disposition. It is wretched.
I dislike all national anthems for their unbridled nationalist self-interest.
Top of my loathing of anthems list is, of course, the ubiquitous American national anthem. Every single time I hear the appalling use of that dreadful word 'gleaming' I cringe. LOL.
Sadly the yanks are quite good at sports so I hear the blasted thing a great deal. [Of course the USA is good at sports- look at the size of their populous]
My conclusion, for myself and myself only, is to maintain my stellar idiosyncrasy come what may, to go my own fabulous way and to scream FUCK YOU should you ever try to curtail one iota of my enduring curiosity and absolute freedom of spirit.' CM 

'THE FUTURE for all truly soul inspired creative projects, art and writing, executed as if the survival of yourself and the whole of mankind depends on it, is to upload it to a dedicated website where it becomes free-to-access and FREE-TO-READ.
Gwir Publications and The Queer Messiah Media Universe are happy to be pioneers in this field which exists to negate the rabid pettiness of no-mark internet publishing.

If people WANT hard copies of such brave enterprises then it will require the entrepreneurial skills of landbased published to invest in them. Some people in that business have not taken their eye off the ball.

All other hard-copy internet publishing, via the various platforms available, survives because of the increasing numbers who wish to self-ratify their dubious talent through vanity publishing. There is no disguising that that is exactly what it is. It is utterly ego-driven and cowardly.

Such 'vanity' books cluttering your shelves are self-awarded badges of merit and are often criminally onerous, a waste of trees. Even if you were able to make a living out of such efforts- [extremely few ever do] it is no measure whatsoever of your creative worth.

By all means use the system for your own ends, we still live in a purportedly free world- pressurise your family and friends into parting with their cash, but please cease to be deluded by what it is you are really doing.
Publish shit in this way and you will forever be dogged by the appalling stench of it.' CM



'The UK being called the largest aircraft carrier for the USA in Europe is a slur that is not without immense merit. Similarly the Zionists both in the USA, Europe and Israel have forced Israel to become the largest aircraft carrier for the USA in the Middle East. That it is all front is no longer in doubt.
China rules the world.
China soaked up the American debt to the World Bank and prevented them going bankrupt- China has been awash with fluid dollars for a decade. If China called in their debt America would be sunk- overrun by hispanic speakers and rapidly devolving into a tin-pot state like Uganda, plagued by civil war with rear-guard action white supremacists.
SO it is all posturing- the vast money pit is mere posturing.
And Trident is a hugely arrogant and expensive form of posturing by us.
The irony is that we would find it impossible WITH TRIDENT to win a nuclear war against Russia or China. America would back off and not defend us.

We are currently licking China's arse like everyone else.
China views all non-oriental races as inferior and lower down the food-chain. It is fascistic when it lists the oriental races in priority order. China is at the top of that list and has the commercial overthrow of increasingly bankrupt Japan in its neo-alien sights.
YES. The Chinese do believe that they are descended from extra-terrestrials and neo-gods. Caves in northern China close to the Russian border have given them proof of that. The evidence is very compelling.
They view the rest of us as genetically manipulated apes and a possible food source.
Chinese foreign policy currently dictates that it does not wear its global crown of kingship- it uses secrecy and the puppets as front-men. It is currently waging economic war on Europe because we limit Chinese Imports- they will make us lift the bar and then they will colonise Europe with industrial and fiscal operations.

This is way more than mere conspiracy theory- this is what is currently happening.
All this crap about green ethics and climate warming and there is no chance that China will halt or in any way constrain its immense industrial revolution. Neither will Russia and neither will the USA, India and Pakistan.
The population of the UK is stupidly in thrall to the notion that they can make a difference.
Utter rot. We are being totally propagandised and drugged into a moribund submission.
What we should be doing- seeing how Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal are being plainly economically experimented with worse than lab rats, is examining the veracity of western democracies and hitting the streets in our version of the Arab Spring in order to embrace the idea of a bill of rights for Great Britain. 

Even through a true triple dip recession in the west, we have not been squeezed sufficiently to do this.
The rich, as ever, are recession proof, and the pseudo poor still smoke, drink, holiday in Spain and own smart phones and TVs.

The latest very great whistleblowing American economist has made it inarguably clear- world fiscal practice ensures that in all economic weathers and under all regimes the rich cannot help but grow richer and they do this at the expense of the poor who always get poorer and more numerous.
It is even happening, as I write, in Cuba.

It is not revolution that we need; what would serve us well would be an evolutionary leap BUT we are so cowardly and fear for what we would lose. We would lose genderism at a stroke, we would lose nuclear-family centricity at the drop of a hat.

Even the geological and human-anthropology records show that SURVIVAL always requires creative collaboration. Sickeningly, true creative collaboration remains anathema to us. We are way too selfish.
That is why we await some form of Armageddon to sort out our problems- we are in effect wishing it in ourselves.
One day father/mother nature will grant us our wish.
The super-volcano at Yellowstone Park is way overdue blowing its multiple stacks. And there are many such sites on Earth waiting to bite us as they have previously. The San Andreas Fault. The Atlantic Trench.
There is the likelihood of a strike by meteorite or comet- both overdue.

We either make a concerted creative and collaborative attempt to address this or we ignore it.
All of our wealthy puppet masters want us to ignore it ad hey can be very persuasive.
In the final analysis, to avoid any chance of us succeeding they will take us blithely into WWIII. Wars always make them so much richer.' CM




Richard Mallows:

Who is going to organise and lead this creative and collaborative attempt? I can't see anyone doing it, so blithely into oblivion we go!

Chris Madoch:

'I am afraid so- and whatever remnants of us remain will have to get together in the way that the historical record proves that we have done before- through intense co-operation via creative collaboration.
We know for example that, following massive catastrophes, tribes who were massive enemies with separate and distinctive cultures joined together to SURVIVE- their subsequent hybrid art-work being a clear expression of the enormous change.

Our present problem is that we can't see the wood for the trees- we are living through an immense global social catastrophe already. Unable to see the error of our ways and, being so resistant to change, [we are above admitting we are wrong on any level] we are inviting a vast natural event to sort things out for us. AND we have know we have no control whatsoever over the universal clock- it really is a question of what will be will be. And all we seem to care about is saving our wealth! It is pathetic ego-driven short-termism by those who have sufficient riches and clout to be the rulers of our various regimes and never personally feel the pain of poverty or starvation.

Some major economists have voiced the need to totally crash the capitalist system to reflect the true state of its hidden bankruptcy and to write off ALL debt everywhere worldwide: it's a way of kick-starting the broken system all over again. To do that would require immense self-sacrifice and imagination. Human beings have become not very good at either.
This is precisely why standards and all indicators of what is good and bad in creative expression should be rigorously maintained. We have become dangerously easy to please, lack-lustre, lazy and sloppy in the arts. It is a symptom of our great and dangerous global sickness- drowning in artistic crap that we always seem to robotically applaud. I am so bored with it.' CM



'MARIJUANA- maybe it has been my great fortune BUT inhaling pot has always resulted in my projectile vomiting. Well, clearly you need the ears to understand what your holistic body is telling you.
I was a cigarette smoker THEN but have not smoked for 28 yrs.
There are other ways of ingesting Marijuana- tincture and baking.

My view on this drug is quite plain. The natural and not highly hybridised forms are not to be sniffed at- they are part of father/mother nature's medicine chest. Recent well proven research has shown it to be a very useful help to mankind. If, in the UK, the plant was as readily available as Dandelions or Nettles it could not be legislated against. How would it be policed? There have been some species that have naturalised in gardens and on river banks- these remain strictly illegal to use, but this position is utterly nonsensical.

Nettles and Dandelions are also ironically 'weeds'. The Nettle is a nutritious but unfashionable food plant. The Dandelion is often cultivated in Mediterranean kitchen gardens- substitute coffee from its oven baked roots, leaves and flowers in salads. The milky sap of the Dandelion is a well-known ancient diuretic.

Deadly Nightshade is indeed deadly poisonous with an ancient history but it is not legislated against. It is easy to kill children and frail adults with it. This plant has many naturally poisonous competitors for garden space. OCD parents intent on keeping their kids alive should become very well informed on what to plant or not in their patch of paradise.
The seeds of the Laburnum tree are deadly- ironically they still exist adjacent to or inside school playgrounds.
The Duchess of Northumberland has the most visited certified poison garden in Great Britain. By special decree she is allowed to grow illegal plants- but they are caged and out of reach of public hands. I have ambitions to create my own poison or physick garden and my GP is fascinated by the prospect.

Recreational drug scientists not in the pay of the government list substances according to the harm they do to human well-being. They always pointedly rate Marijuana as less dangerous than alcohol. True.

The incidence of alcohol occurring naturally is rare- honey can create a naturally occurring spirit well known to primitive cultures and barley in puddles of rainwater has been known to create a spontaneous but disgusting form of beer, fallen fruit particularly grapes perform the same trick. Largely, it can be argued, that most of what exists in alcoholic drink outlets is the result of our determined invention. It is very effective- indeed poisonous BUT it remains the recreational drug of choice in our deeply hypocritical society.
Marijuana is markedly safer.

To argue that Marijuana is addictive and leads to harder drug-use holds no weight more than to argue that alcohol is addictive and leads to harder drug-use. The human being is immensely vulnerable to addictions- tea, coffee, sugar, retail therapy.

Almost the whole of western culture is an alcohol addicted ghetto that is happy to express risible double standards when it comes to other stress busters.
Fortunately for me, I am not impressed by wine or spirits much. I will maybe have five cocktails a year and a cooling beer on holiday.

What I do find intolerable is that despite the lessons learned from the prohibition era in the USA we are still driven to prohibit- selectively. Doing this we have created vast underground markets worldwide for the production and sale of illegal drugs. Underground markets are criminal and uncaring- they are purely profit driven and cannot be described as the right place for the retail of poisonous substances.
A strong case can be made for the decriminalisation of all recreational drugs.


LSD is extracted from the fungus that naturally grows on wheatears. In the eighteenth century a damp harvest would often render workers in wheatfields delirious. Now we grow treated wheat and only wild wheat and its fungus will deliver the same effect.
The Datura plant [Angel Trumpets] is a conservatory favourite. In a hot glass-house even the scent from the flowers can give you a marked hallucinogenic effect. They are not illegal.

As per usual most western regimes cannot solve the conundrum presented by alcohol being legal and all other recreational drugs being legislated against. 

Doctors used to sponsor various tobacco brands, prescribe Marijuana syrup and tincture. Aspreys- the royal silversmiths, used to retail cocaine and heroine paraphernalia for ladies and gentlemen.
The very idea that moral and other ethics can be subject to whimsical fashion trends is fact BUT symptomatic of our own illogic, indeed stupidity.
Doctors are even now pushing prescribed drugs- poisons to some, maybe even you. Does their efficacy outrank their debilitating effects? There is no generic human chemistry- we all react individually. That is frightfully inconvenient to pharmaceutical companies BUT impossible to dismiss. 

Of course, religion has its own sticking fingers thrust in this mire. I will not dwell long on the risible fact of that other than to say that the grotesque independent state The Vatican City, consumes more wine per head of population than any other sovereign state on this world. Unbelievable.

I have friends who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis and extreme Arthritis- it is reprehensible that they do not have access to the helpful properties of Marijuana without dicing with the dangerous criminal activity it is currently associated with.

The criminalization of self-medicating adults is insupportable.

Sort it out you dipsticks. LOL.' CM 





'Golly golliwog. How deliciously non-pc.


I would quite like to buy into the concept of there being a SUPER DOOPER BEING- a great universal spirit: GUS. Being on the bus with GUS would seem to be temptingly comforting. Well, if I truly had any effective and reliable, trustworthy understanding of what that means.

But I am merely human and a part of the animal kingdom of planet Earth, I am not even 100% certain that I am a part of the most significant life-form on this satellite of the Sun.
Can anyone be?

Our knowledge of the workings of the mind and the brain remain scant- what we pretend to know of accounts for less than a quarter of our brain mass and but a fragment of what we suspect the mind to potentially be. Maybe Satan owns the rest- I devilishly jest.

You may claim dominion and all that that implies BUT- NO: I am not arrogant enough to attempt to define GUS, to describe GUS or to fiendishly and manipulatively assert that certain texts passed down to us have come from GUS.
I have absolutely no idea what or who GUS is.
Isn't that just mental?

It is certainly elemental.

Yet I am, today, weaning myself off of pernicious prescription drugs, leaning towards having a GUS in my life.
Oh my GUS!
Could you be a virtually reality drug of such immense immensity, abundant, your testicles spitting a perpetual plenty into my holistic self?
[A little bit Louise Hay. But hey ho! You Californians. Shucks!]

I walk into my wild-life garden and the sky is smiling. The bird feed station is alive with winged society- squabbling and wobbling: really rather a lot like like us- descended from dinosaurs and still behaving like dinosaurs.
And I do get our lost connection with the realities of leaf and branch.
My three wonderful life-filled dogs are laughing and larking around.
I am going to be going about planting plants.
I do have access to unadulterated joy.

Fuck yes! I am alive to it now.

So PLEASE, just stop pretending. Stop pretending you know what you are capable of.
Like me, you do not know the half of it, or the answers to the things that many human beings say matter the most.
And stop pretending that what we have destroyed we will be good at mending.
We are in fact utter crap at it.

That's what can be so shit about History- it has so many diabolical lessons to teach us about ourselves and we like very few of them.

We have come to believe we are born into this world miraculously, with all that we require to survive, all the education, all the skills, all the talent.
Well wash the faithist fake-hope drenched shit out of that American Dream and hang it out to dry. Bye and bye you will come to see the rag has nothing writ on it.

Let's not fool ourselves for too much longer- time to stop dancing or doing jiggy jiggy with our favourite delusion from the pick and mix bar at the local church, mosque, psychiatric clinic or cathedral of consumerism.

All those poisonous centuries of greed and pseudo ethical fuss. We are so very sussed. If not entirely by me, by pockets of persons like me and anyone evolving or any visiting alien species.

I was at the edge of our little rill- the water thrilling past the intense blue Forget-me-nots who like their feet in soggy soil and GUS- my new invisible friend, made it all so clear to me.
Well, if you are going to admit to being somewhat mad, please oh please, have the goodness to choose the glad sort.

Wallowing in self-imposed misery is exactly where they want you to be- compliant and utterly reliant on what they have made you addicted to: sugar, HD TV's and all of the stuff you have persuaded yourself you just cannot live this hell without.

Sort this out- BEFORE you bring another eminently malleable and dependant child into this world. They are not plasticine for your own pleasure or diversion or delusional perversion.

Have a very great care for THEIR future welfare as a PRIORITY; a priority far higher than your self-centred need to procreate/replicate a creature you believe is PERFECT and can do no wrong and is beyond learning.

This is what is burning at the heart of GUS' timeless song.

Much love to you all, wherever you are struggling or juggling with the fascist linear time line of life, the propagandist lies of politicians and religious leaders- all of them in the thrall of 21st Century Slavery and the profit it brings them.

Start claiming your own life back. ' 


Chris Madoch 25/06/2013 Copyright. All Rights Reserved.