About Chris Madoch

Chris Madoch is WELSH. His father was a coal-miner as was his maternal grandfather.


He was married for thirteen years, it ended in divorce but produced three daughters who, between them, have brought forth nine grandchildren. His former wife is a lesbian happily married to a transgender male to female.


A year after the divorce Chris met the celebrity Hairdresser and Fine Artist Dan-Paul Flores. They have been together for thirty years and are legally bound by rights of attorney and a civil union.


Between them Chris and Dan have a small design business i2i designs international. It was this business that honed the final look of Dan's hair product range DAN-PAUL FLORES XPRESS YOURSELF which, in concert with IKO beauty Switzerland, is launching in Zurich in March 2013.


They are preparing to initiate an online retail business dealing in the ART that they produce and the eclectic mass of artefacts that they have collected and continue to acquire.


Chris is a Fine Art Photographer and available for commissions.


Dan is a Fine Artist and has done portraits for Lily Collins the emerging screen goddess and other celebrities- he is also available for commisions. Getting him as a personal hairdresser is virtually impossible. His client list is glittering and full.


Their preferred dogs have always been Tibeten Spaniels but their youngest dog is Dafydd- a white Parson's Jack Russell. Recently Vincent, an elderly Tibetan Spaniel died. He is much missed. A few days ago there was a new addition to our family Franco- a cross between a Border Terrier and a Parson's Jack Russell.


Chris and Dan have enjoyed the tremendous patronage of Phil Collins' art-expert ex-wife Jill. They live in reclusive isolation in the midst of the Collins' 15 acre English paradise.


Between them they have an enviable black book of contacts, memories and photographs that the press would gasp at.


This personal website has a companion for visuals and performance work:-


CHRIS MADOCH: imagist/perfo…

Image by CM for i2i designs international. Copyright 2013. All Right Reserved.

Our red-bricked bungalow is nestled in the far distance among parkland trees.


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